does amd fx 8350 goes high in temp

in Delhi India and I am trying to go for a gaming PC I choosed amd fx 8320 for my built but I was told to go for i5 4440 as it's quite hot here and and CPUs are having very low temp handling capacity
My specs are :-
1amd fx 8320
2 asus r9 270x
3asus mobo
4 2x4gb ram
5 600w psu
6 1tb hdd
7liteon bray burner
8 frontech swipe gaming case
Also plz tell me what should I do for a 44000rs gaming PC
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    Do you already have the stuff you've mentioned here?
    Is the budget 44K INR? or is that what you are left with after you buy all this stuff? or is this budget for another PC?
    I'm using a 8350 and yes it does go high depending on what you're doing but an after market cooler solves the issue... I'm using my H100 Liquid cooling loop.
  2. Yep dude I did'mt spent money on crosair PSU buta frontech pPSU but main thing if I went for a liquid cooler is'nt it better to go for an intel i5 for exchange
  3. Also dude budget
    1 amd 8320 (10000 rs)
    2 Asus r9 270x (15670)
    3 asus mono I used(4800)
    4 rams 2x4 nehruplace market (4680)
    5psu + case( 2800)
    61tb hdd seagate (3600)
    7 lite on b ray burner (1800)
    Total=43380 :p
  4. Quite the contrary, if you go the Intel way, Air Cooling or the Heatsink with the Processor will suffice for your needs, but the budget won't.
    Whereas if you go the AMD way , an aftermarket cooler is mostly a must unless you're using the air conditioner all the time while using the PC.
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