USB device has malfunctioned.

Hi guys!
So a couple of days ago I bought a usb monitor and it worked fine.Then me and a friend of mine noticed that the screen had an additional laptop power adapter slot and we tried to use it to give the screen more power so it looks and works better (we are stupid :P)!
My problem is that althought it didn't burn the electronics inside the screen since the power led (sometimes) shows that the screen is powered,windows no longer recognizes it and even when you see that power is on,the screen shows no picture..Is there any fix for that..?

I would really apreciate any help :)

Monitor model: AOC LED E2251Fwu 22"
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    Hi CYTvaniasBDC
    sorry m8 , i think you toasted it :(
  2. mickypheonix said:
    Hi CYTvaniasBDC
    sorry m8 , i think you toasted it :(

    Oh,I see :/
    Thanks for the reply!
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