Best way to backup plugins/files & reformat painlessly WIN7 64bit

I'm finally realizing it's time to reformat after about two years use. Starting to notice a few issues here and there that I know are HDD related.

I have two years of collections of fonts, plugins for various software (adobe, various editing softwares, etc) along with bookmarks for browsers, plugins for browsers, system know how it goes.

What is the most pain free method for reformatting and backing up all of these sub-files? I work 80 hours a week as it is, so its hard to imagine dedicating two days (how long it took me to backup/restore the last time I did this about 7 years ago on an older machine).
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  1. Well install windows on other hdd & use it. best way is to keep a regular check & backup or arrange data regularly as sometimes the pc might go blank on you & then you are left to nothing but to mourn. Also try defrag & disk check in meantime if not installing windows They help a lot if you are just stocking data without proper treatment.
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    I don't think there's any easy way to back up those types of things, and then just apply them to a fresh install.

    Bookmarks can generally be saved elsewhere, and then applied to the new browser(s)
    Browser plugins will have to be reinstalled
    Fonts you can generally copy elsewhere, and then copy back into the Font folder
    Adobe depends.
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