AMD FX-6300 is better price performance than new intel processors ?

AMD FX-6300 is better price performance than new intel processors ? i want to purchase a amd fx 6300 within my budget......can it good for games ? please suggest
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  1. It's fine as long as you're not playing CPU intensive stuff like Planetside 2 or RTS's and expecting great fps in them. It's a good cpu for a budget. What's your total budget and what is your gpu and other parts of your pc? Intel is better, but costs more. If you want the best, get an i5 4670k and a z87 board, but, I understand not everybody wants to spend the money on that.
  2. For single threaded games no 6300 is not that good as i3 CPU but if you play games like BF3/4 than 6300 is a better option :)
  3. The FX-6300 is a good processor for the price and it performs well in games also. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one but with one caveat, it depends if you want to build a microATX machine or use a full ATX board.

    AM3 microATX boards are totally behind the times, using the 760 chipset they have no native support for SATA III or USB3, instead splicing on separate controllers if they sport this feature.

    If you are building a microATX machine go with an Intel i3-4130 for the same price range. The performance will be very similar. If you are building a full ATX machine, especially if considering a multiple GPU setup and are interested in overclocking then get the FX-6300 and a 990 chipset ATX board.
  4. That depends on what you're doing. Gaming?

    If I were you I'd grab an i3 with hyperthreading, like a 4130. I can't comment on the new ones yet.

    Anyway, they're about even in games. Those that use 4 threads or above the FX will generally perform better, if they use 3 or lower I'd expect the i3 to perform better.

    In any case an FX 6300 would not be a bad choice.

    EDIT: wow, people respond quickly. :lol:
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    Check this out. These are averages from lots of performance tests, but I think it will give you a reliable picture.

  6. In most DX11 games the game engine will use one Core for most of the workload and the rest will use the remaining cores. So this is where a i5 4670k or 3570k would have performed very well compared to the slower and older architecture of AMD FX series processors since Intel has a much higher IPC than AMD. However newer titles such as Battlefield 3 and 4 make excellent use of the FX 6300 series and FX 8300 series and basically all "Piledriver" CPUs from AMD. MAntle and DX12 are going to make waves and Multi-core rendering will be superior for 6 core and 8 core CPUs. Even now the FX 6350 performs very well in newer games. Though the drawback would be having that much slower single-threaded performance in everyday usage.
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