What is the BEST CPU Cooler on the Market at the moment??

Just wondering,

What is everyone's thought on what CPU cooler that is out at the moment that is the best of the best?? Fan, Fanless Liquid Cooler, whatever!
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  1. a custom water loop is of course the best... but for consumer grade, I'd say the Corsair H100i
  2. Custom loop is best.

    I like the H105 best for the AIO liquid coolers.
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    Big 3 Air coolers .... in order of thermal performance, best to last .... Phanteks is also cheapest and best aesthetics.

    $ Phanteks PH-TC14-PE
    20% off w/ promo code EXLEMCPEPB35, limited offer

    $87 - Thermalright Silver Arrow

    $78 - Noctua DH-14

    AIO Coolers - Do ya noise homework here. personally I haven't seen an AIO I would take over the Big 3 above. Simply put, at comparable noise levels they have no thermal advantage. The Corsair H110 is on I could put up with as it has comparable noise and performance to the Noctua. But it's a lot more money and introduces the risk of water in the system for no corresponding benefit. You can listen to the vaccum cleaner like sound of a H100i here

    $100 -

    Custom Loops - Of course custom water loops sit at the top.....An Alphacool X45-280, EX Supremacy Water Block, EK Res-3 and any D5 pump will do very well on a CPU .... all of which can be found below
  4. Yup the best air coolers are up there with the best AIOs. The main benefit for the AIOs is aesthetics if you have a windowed case - main reason I got the H105.
  5. custom loop is best. Price based on what you want. CPU block goes $75-100. Depending on how many radiators you want and what size figure about $75-125 a piece, pumps depending how many and how good factor $50-250, reservoir depending what size and style I guess $20-100, fittings about $5-10 a piece x how many you need ( I needed about 20, tubing depending what size, total length, and colars $20-50, fans depending how large you radiators are $20-30 a piece, then add in extras such as lighting, thermostat, monitors, fill/drain valve ect can run you another $100, if you want ridged tubing that could run $100-300, gpu water blocks around $50 for universal or $100-150 for full water blocks.
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