Can RAM bottleneck CPU or GPU?

I was just wondering if RAM can hinder my CPU or GPU at all. 4670k and 280x. Planning to overclock CPU and GPU. Do I even need to OC my RAM? Cant decide between the vengeance or the orange ares, I really want the ares to compliment the color of my case and mobo but I'm scared of its performance. Ares RAM 1600. Help please! Not looking to crank RAM above 2000
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  1. Not really after you reach 1600 there is very little benefit from faster ram.
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    1600mhz for gaming is enough and any higher wont provide significant benefits.

    if you see other people using 2133mhz or higher RAM sticks, its because they are also using their computer for heavy video rendering and other RAM intensive applications.
  3. I wont be doing frequent rendering. Video game recording and streaming.
  4. then a decent 8gb (2x4) 1600mhz ddr3 ram would be fine.

    always buy ram in pairs, its better for stability.
  5. Buying two sticks of the orange Ares ram for my Z87x OC. That'll do right? Dual Channel.
  6. yup..
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