Best motherboard with SLI support within 200 USD required.

Hello everyone,
This would be my first post at Tom's Hardware.

I am going to build a pc. Here's the specs(excluding monitor, keyboard, mouse, os which i already own):
i7 4770k
msi gtx 760 tf oc edition
msi z87-g43
g skills ripjaws x 8gb (8x1) ram
1 tb hdd (i don't want an ssd because its overpriced in India where i live)
corsair cx 600
cooler master n400
cooler master hyper evo 212 processor cooler.
my monitor is of 1360x768 with 60fps of refresh rate.

I suddenly thought that maybe after sometimes my graphics card would surely bottleneck such a powerful cpu. Maybe 2 yrs. I thought later i might sli my graphics but it seems that my motherboard only supports crossfire
Now i can do two things-
Either buy another gpu (amd) so that i can crossfire later. If that's the case i would prefer msi r9 280 tf.
Or i could buy another motherboard which supports sli.

Which option would be better?
should i go with r9 280 or some other motherboard.Can you suggest a motherboard under 200 usd with similar features as the above one. I would prefer a msi motherboard but its not a compulsion.

And i would definitely overclock so z87 chipset would be the best.
Any suggestions regarding other specs are also welcomed.
Thanks for the patient hearing.
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    I'd recommend a 4670K over the i7; in games they tend to perform much the same. Spend the money on a faster GPU; probably a 280X. Or a new screen; 768p is pretty pitiful.

    ASRock Z87 Extreme4, Asus Z87-A, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H, or MSI Z87-G45 or -G55.
  2. No new monitor for sure. The reasons a long story.
    For the processor. GPU is easy to upgrade but processor require a specific motherboard socket. Imay not buy a new motherboard for 5-6 yrs. So iI want a processor that could last longer. I chose i7 because of hyperthreading which provides 4 virtual cores. It may last longer than i5. i have not checked those motherboard yet. I will see and replt soon. Thnx.
  3. You're slightly off on the description of hyperthreading, but it doesn't currently make much of a difference to games and won't for a while yet. We've been saying to go for the i5 over the i7 since Sandy bridge, two generations ago.

    You won't get much out of a fast GPU without a decent display.
  4. Motherboards are overpriced in India. So a 150-170 USD mobo will cost 200 here. So please suggest a mobo within 150-170 USD with sli support and features similar to MSI z87 g43.

    Then I could go with i5 4670k and MSI gtx 770 tf oc edition which in total costs me 700 USD excluding motherboard
  5. Those boards I recommended are ~$130US.
  6. I think I will go with extreme 4. Thnx.
    Any more suggestions?
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