CM Storm QuickFire TK Keyboard Red turns off everytime I plug it in.

CM Storm QuickFire TK Keyboard Red error?

My keyboard keeps turning off whenever I plug it in. Sometimes it says something like "USB port is damaged", sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it turns off just by moving my cord a bit, sometime it won't even turn on for hours. Whenever I plug my USB cable into my PC, the little "NUMLOCK" LED will make a very weak flash, and then I hear the Windows 7 USB plug in sound, and immedetly after that, I hear the USB plug out sound. This is def. some error that is in my keyboard, as my mini-usb cable works for Playstation controllers flawless, and I've tried with another mini-USB cable which didn't work either.

Should I send my keyboard back to get a new one, or is there a fix for this? Sorry, I had to rush typing this since my keyboard probally will turn off soon.


I7 4770k
GTX 770
I've tried multiple USB cables and multiple USB ports. I've tried USB 2.0 and standard USB ports.
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  1. Never had anything like that happen with mine. I would RMA it in your situation.
  2. Sakkura said:
    Never had anything like that happen with mine. I would RMA it in your situation.

    Woah that was quick!

    I will RMA tomorrow if I don't find a solution.
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    well what other usb devices are causing this issue ?? if it was the usb from the board it would seem that any device may be doing the same ?? also were the usb plug- plugs into the key board is weak and it may have been stressed to were it damaged the port of the little sister board its soldered to ? this was common and and on newer revisions was to be fixed .. depending on how handy you are it could be broke solder and just needs to be re- soldered or it snaped the sister board to were it cant be repaired im not there to have hands on so... if its still can be sent to coolermaster give that a try
  4. This is probably from the mini-usb port in the cable being damaged/moved. This is one of the main cons of a detachable cable - the port in the keyboard often gets damaged. Your best solution would be to RMA.
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