Heat problem on graphics card

Is there any chance of cooling my graphics card down a bit, i have 2 extra fans in my pc and only space for 1 more. i have the fan running at 75% .


ATI AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series
Manufacturer ATI
Model AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series
GPU Juniper
Device ID 1002-68B8
Subvendor XFX Pine Group (1682)
Current Performance Level Level 0
Voltage 0.950 V
Technology 40 nm
Die Size 166 mm²
Release Date Oct 13, 2009
DirectX Support 11.0
DirectX Shader Model 5.0
OpenGL Support 4.1
GPU Clock 850.0 MHz
Temperature 82 °C <------------------------------------HOT LOL
Core Voltage 0.950 V
Bios Core Clock 850.00
Bios Mem Clock 1200.00
Driver version
BIOS Version 113-HD577AZNFA5-113-AC35000-100-XF
ROPs 16
Shaders 800 unified
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory 1024 MB
Bus Width 64x2 (128 bit)
Pixel Fillrate 13.6 GPixels/s
Bandwidth 76.8 GB/s
Noise Level Moderate
Max Power Draw 108 Watts
Count of performance levels : 3
Level 1
GPU Clock 400 MHz
Memory Clock 1200 MHz
Level 2
GPU Clock 600 MHz
Memory Clock 1200 MHz
Level 3
GPU Clock 850 MHz
Memory Clock 1200 MHz
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    kraken g10 bracket $30 and frys has antec cpu cooler for $33, heatsink $20. will drop your core temps by half
  2. 82 is fine about 20 degrees under max and fan has not kicked up to 100% yet!!
  3. g10 will get that temp down to around 50C
  4. g10 is £42 over here nearly $65 lol. any cheaper options please

    i have the fan set at 75% should i turn it up a bit more, the temp goes over 100c when im playing games like bf4 .
  5. damn double the markup, theres a cooler for 129 but I cant remember than name of it, after than full water cooler is your only option
  6. what about turning the fan up a bit more ?
  7. First of clean the card! If that does not work upgrade since there is plenty of cards that will match the HD5700 series in the same price range as the coolers.
  8. cleaned the card, cant afford a new one at the moment, even running minecraft it is up at 101c :/
  9. Many guys have complaints of XFX cards running hot. I don't think you can do anything about it short of getting a new cooler.
  10. the price of a cooler or new card are out of my range just now lol, saving up though, would it help if i turned my settings down a bit for now.
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