swapped out graphics cards, computer wont boot with cmos battery in

so, i swapped out an ATI Radeon HD 6450 for a MSI Nvidia Geforce GT 630. slapped it in, booted up, installed drivers, reset, didnt power on. it turned on for a second, then, shut back off.... basically, long story short, i reformatted completly because of possible driver stacking. now computer only boots with CMOS battery completly removed. if i hit restart, it wont boot unless all power is removed for at least 15 seconds. BUT, if I put the old graphics card BACK IN, it boots fine, no problem. min req for graphics card is 450w, 12v, 38a. ive checked PSU, it checks out. please help!

quick edit.
This Graphics card does NOT have any type of power connector, except for the PCI connection. thats it
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  1. What is the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU?
  2. Brand is ULTRA, model is ULT-LS500
  3. Hmmm, Ultra has a very poor reputation for quality. While it should be able to power your system, it is probably not good for what is on its label. Since you've done a fresh install of Windows, you've ruled out driver issues. You could still have a bad card, but it might also be the PSU.
  4. right. my issue is, if it was a bad card, would it still boot up, and work properly (obviously without cmos battery, just date/time is messed up.) im on the computer right now. graphics are great, resolution is beautiful. everything is working. GPU temp/speeds or optimal, as well as cpu temp/speeds. its just a pain in the arse because i have to remove cmos battery anytime i want/need to restart computer.
  5. Tough question. What motherboard do you have? You may need a BIOS update for it to properly support your card.
  6. ahh, see, this is where i got stuck. i dont know what exactly my motherboard is. what i do know is that my system is a gateway DX4710-09, and i went on their support site, and under downloads for MY specific system, there was nothing under BIOS... any way/where to update it except from manufacturers website? (the old GPU/New GPU/PSU units are all aftermarket)
  7. You may need to call Gateway Tech Support...
  8. crap. gateway had nothin for me... any other ways of updating/find an update for my bios?
    lol, they told me to go to best buy. i bought this computer from some guy on craigslist like, 3 years ago. had no probs till now. Lul, best buy...
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