cannot install drivers. no intel(R) adapters are present.

So i just built a brand new gaming computer. booted it up, installed all the drivers and such
however i cannot connect to the internet as my routers CD has gone missing,
So i thought i would try find the drivers on this working computer install them to a USB and then try and install them on the new computer however when i try to install them i get a message that says
''cannot install drivers. no intel(R) adapters are present.''

could anyone help me find the correct drivers and such i will put my computer specs and all that down here

Motherboard - P8H61-MX USB3
GPU - GTX 750 TI
CPU - intel core i5-3470 3.2
1600MHZ corsair vengeance ram 4gb

network adapter on this computer is a intel 82567V-2
im not sure if different motherboards affect that or not, its also Ethernet cable .

Thanks to anybody that helps out in advance.
sorry for bad english.
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    I think your motherboard may be using a realtek lan controller.
    Go to the asus web site and download the drivers for your os:
  2. P8H61-MX USB3 uses a Realtek® 8111F-VB-CG, 1 x Gigabit LAN

    unless this is nott your board
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