Can these parts work with my set up?

Gtx 750, and 500b 500watt evga atx in hp pacillion p7-1187c
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  1. That PSU is more than enough. You are good to go!
  2. Yep, they should both work. If you are only running a GTX 750, it should be able to run on the computer's stock power supply. Maybe buy the GTX 750 first, and if it runs 100% on the current power supply, then you don't have to buy the new power supply.
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    The GTX 750 requires 20A on the 12V rail, which his stock PSU does not have. I think it only has 8A. He will need to get a new PSU, and the one he chose will even be able to run a future upgrade if he buys a more powerful card (EVGA 550b has 40A)
  4. In my experience most HP power supplies have 18 amps on the 12+, which is 2 amps short but still enough to run it reliably. But it's best to play it safe I guess.
  5. Well, I looked up the specs for the p7-1187c and the only information I could find was showing that it maxed out at 8A. On this page:
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