Issues with FPS GTX 690

Hello guys

I have a problem with my PC is not running games very well, i have FPS around 30 in open areas maybe less sometimes in Wildstar even WoW,

Here is my RIg :
GTX 690
Windows 7
16 G ram
what do u think is the problem here? Thanks
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    Hi, I think you might be experiencing some bottleneck with you CPU clocked at 3.2.GHz. I don't know what CPU cooler you are using but I'd get a really good cooler and overclock the i7 960 to 4.2GHz or better and you'll see an improvement in you frame rate.
  2. Hi Tinmann and thanks for the reply, I honestly dont like overlocking cause i am afraid of losing my CPU, I think changing it would be a better choice, what CPU do you think is the best for my RIG as i got gtx 690 .. ?
  3. just curious did u end up overclocking
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