Value build for gaming under 1200$ budget

Hi guys i would very much appreciate your input about this build. Going for a gaming build max fps as i can get on a budget. Maybe looking to OC a tad bud not really ambitions in that regard. 1200$ although i'm buying this in Denmark so there might be some differences regarding cost and what's available.

8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Vengeance
Socket 1155 Core I5-3470 3.2 GHz
Socket 1155 ASRock Z75 Pro3
AMD Radeon R9 280X / PCI Express 3.0
550 Watt XFX Core Edition PRO550W
500 GB WD VelociRaptor
Cooler Master Silencio 650
24x48 LiteOn IHAS124

eddit* pasted wrong motherboard. fixed now.
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  1. You cannot buy a socket 1155 processor with a socket 1150 motherboard. I would recommend you switch your CPU to a 4th-gen (socket 1150) CPU like the i5 4670K.

    Also, you cannot overclock with an H87 series motherboard. Buy a Z87 series motherboard to go along with your i5-4670K.
  2. Biggest mistake is that you have a 1155 socket i5-3470 on a 1150 Motherboard. You should take a look at the i5-4440 or 4570 since the 1155 socket is the older version.

    Make sure that the RAM is 2x4 gb, running ram in dual channel gets additional performance over a single stick.

    Good PSU choice, good GPU choice, everything else looks good. If your budget can fit it, look at getting an SSD but it may be out of the budget range.

    Edit: also, the H87 motherboards do not allow overclocking. The non-k intel cpus are locked and also cannot be overclocked. The only i5 this generation that can be overclocked is the i5-4670k
  3. sry i guys i posted the wrong motherboard i have updated now.
  4. Definitely get a 1150 z87 MOBO, and get an unlocked K cpu. Get an after market coolermaster hyper 212+ or evo air cooler for overclocking. I would also recommenced a little bit more watts on that PSU. Maybe 650-750w.., more case fans, upgrades.
  5. Thx guys so If I go i5-4670K with ASRock Z87 Pro4 would that be a good build with the rest and then 2 x 4 instead of 1 x 8?
  6. there's not much sense in buying the 3rd-gen CPU and mobo when you can get the 4th-gen CPU and mobo at a comparable price.

    Same goes for a Z75, you cannot overclock with that, only a Z77 and a K-series CPU still, so if you must go 3rd-gen (don't), then get the i5 3570K.
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    Papayankee said:
    Thx guys so If I go i5-4670K with ASRock Z87 Pro4 would that be a good build with the rest and then 2 x 4 instead of 1 x 8?

    yes to all of the above.
  8. allright thx guys
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