Would a Diamond AMD Radeon HD 6670 GDDR3 2gb be compatible with an HP pavilion slimline s5510f?

want to know if it is compatible, I'm trying to run games like league of legends, not much outside of that. thanks for the help.
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  1. little addition, if that wont work, any gpus that will work and run things like league of legends and minecraft etc.
  2. Don't get the DDR3 version of cards, even if they are cheaper. It really does hold them back. GDDR5 is the only option.
  3. but would it work? im in between buying a new pc and looking for a cheap solution while im waiting. thanks by the way
  4. I think that you are going to need a low profile card to fit in that case considering the specs say that it's only 4.1" wide.

    I would go with this or something along the lines (this diamond card comes with a free $39 game)
  5. yeah man but really try and get at least a 7750 GDDR5 or GTX 750 GDDR5.

    If not, then there is a flood of good used video cards on the marketplace right now.
  6. About the Diamond Radeon R7 240, would it 100% work in my pc though? that looks like a great card but, that would be a pretty pricey mistake if it did not work, thanks for the help.
  7. Better than the 6670.
  8. my pcs power supply is only a 220w, how would i get the radeon to work in it, if there is a way, or would it just be easier to go for a different graghics card
  9. How many Amps on the 12V rail on that PSU?

    If it has at least 10A, I'd say you are fine.
  10. how would i check? Im a bit new to this so...
  11. bmanlloyd said:
    how would i check? Im a bit new to this so...

    There should be a sticker on the side of the PSU that shows it's various output ratings.
  12. it says this


    Thanks for the help :)
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    You are good to go. Plenty of room on that 12V rail for that card.
  14. I wish that you could get two best solutions to a thread...LOL...thanks for sticking with it damric...I think the OP would have been a bit upset to get his card to have it not fit in that case.
  15. uh yeah I would have picked you. meh whatever people take these badges too seriously. From what I hear, there is some kind of badge smuggling cartel at work around here :P
  16. :D Too funny...all good...just glad we could help him.
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