MSI P67A-GD80(B3) Boot Loop

Hi I recently purchased a mainboard from craigslist and I have fully built my system but to my disappointment the motherboard shuts down and turns on infinitely. I believe this is called a boot loop. My specs are as follows...
CPU: Intel I3-2100
MOBO: P67A-GD80(B3)
RAM: 2X4 DDR3 240 pin samsung
CASE AND PSU: Antec nine hundred with 750W

I have tried the following
-Removed one stick and tried, no avail
-Removed battery and unplugged system them cleared CMOS using button, no avail
-Removed boot drive, no avail

I know there may be more things I haven't tried yet thanks in advance for the help!
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    Check both the power connectors are plugged in properly. What psu model is it?
  2. OMG BAYI7 THANK YOU SO MUCH I KNEW I WAS FORGETTING SOMETHING... sorry for the yell but it was the 8 pin i forgot thx so much yoi the man! :P
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