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Greetings All,
I'm not sure if this forum is the right place for this question, but I'll try anyway. At work, we have an Excel file which is printed out and circulated for department heads to sign off. The process takes too long and I'd like to streamline it. Is it possible (it has to be....) to post the file on the network and have each person review and digitally 'sign' it? I don't want to email it to one person, have them sign and send it to the next. I need it to be more like a bulletin board where all can view and modify it.
I know this is short on specifics, but I need to get started somewhere.
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  1. Yes, but...

    1. An Excel file on the network can only be opened for editing by one person at a time. If Bob has it open, Mary can only open it ReadOnly. She'd have to come back later to edit and sign

    2. Network authentication. Without knowing any specifics of your network, how are you authenticating each person?
  2. The scenario you are describing sounds exactly like what SharePoint is intended to provide. For example, you can enable Check In/Check out so that each person can edit the file individually then re-upload it without having to worry about overwriting other’s changes. Some of the collaborative features of SharePoint are outlined here.
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