GPU upgrade But needing a new mother board.

i currently have an Acer predator G series / AG3620-UR318. i'm looking to upgrade my GPU to two Evga 780's , but i know that i will need a new motherboard, power supply, and case for sure. which motherboard, power supply, and case will I need to upgrade to those GPU's. "Side note" i will be keeping the original components from my current computer ( CPU, Ram, Ect.)
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  1. What is the CPU you are keeping from your old machine, and also what is your budget?
  2. As you are dealing with an OEM (ACER) machine, generally the Windows key is in the bios, changing the motherboard will more than likely keep the old HD & OS from booting.
    You will see messages about windows 8 OEM and microsofst allowing this version to be used on different machines as long as it is only one machine at a time. This is true if YOU bought the OEM version, but when supplied by an OEM company (ACER, DELL, HP, etc) this isn't true as you are under THEIR rules. (which is why they put the key in the bios)
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    Minimum power supply 780W with a rating of at least 65A on the combined +12V rails.
    Some good models:
    Seasonic X 850
    Corsair HX 850

    Motherboard will need to be socket 1155 and support SLI.
    Ensure the board has two PCI-E x16 slots that can operate in x8 mode.
    Don't leave this too long as these will become less available now that Haswell has been released.
    Asus Sabretooth Z77

    Case is very much up to your preference.
    It will need to be big enough for the motherboard you choose and provide enough cooling.
    Fractal Design R4
    Silverstone RV02-E

    Expect to have to buy a new copy of Windows. You need to reinstall it anyway with the new components but the OEM version that came with the PC is unlikely to be able to activate with a new motherboard.
  4. thank you guys for all of your replies, and the CPU is an i7-3770k.
    but thats going to suck, if i have to purchase a new windows key.
    I did not think i was going to have to do anything like that, just thought i could plug an play, seeing as to how i do own that key for windows. why wouldn't is just transfer over if i use the same key.
  5. But on a side note, i will contact ACER and ask all the questions as to keeping my copy of windows.
  6. The OEM agreement for Windows 7 was linked to the motherboard, so changing to a different motherboard (other than an exact replacement of your old board) would not allow the license to be activated again.
    Windows 8.0 and 8.1 appear to be different, but I can't find anything as authoritative as I would like.
    This was on the Microsoft forums:
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