Having issues with MSI Radeon HD 7770

Hey all, I just finished putting together my rig
Intel i5 4670k @3.4 GHZ
MSI Radeon hd 7770
Kingston hyperx blue 8.0 GB
and everything went well except for the GFX card. None of my games recognize it, and on windows experience index I only get a 1.0. None of my games launch either. I made sure all the drivers are up to date and I uninstalled them then re installed them and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Try this, right click on the desktop, go to screen resolution, (i am asuming you have win 7), then to advanced settings, right there it should say "HD 7770" or something like it, if not, go to properties (on adapter tab), then driver tab on the new window it popped up and finally details of the driver...if the driver is the problem you will see a folder there, if i remember correctly i fixed a driver problem there by telling the PC where my drivers were installed (usually the're on program files x86)

    PS= excuse me if something is not translated correctly, i use spanish language for my windows :/ any doubt please ask
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    or you can go to and download the driver auto detect to see if something is missing. it will prompt you to download System Requirements Lab to see if there are any missing drivers, then direct you to the ones you need. I have the same card and it worked beautifully paired with my i7-2600s x4 processor. I've since upgraded(built anew), but I enjoyed that card for what it was.
  3. Turns out i had plugged my display cable to the onboard GFX instead of my GFX card. Thanks for the feedback guys.
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