Need advice on reliable raid 1 setup for Windows 7 desktop

Everytime my hard disk fails abruptly, i am forced to watch helplessly lose all the data. I have decided to put an end to this problem once and for all. What i am looking/not looking for is listed below. Please help me choose the right way to do it

My Seagate 1 tb external is failing so I need a solution asap
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    loosing power while writing to a HDD will lead to data loss and might even damage the HDD.

    if you live in an area that has power outages you should invest in an UPS.

    Yes losing one drive on an RAID1 will allow you to access the data from the other drive and you do not need to backup to a third drive to restore the RAID array.

    you mother board has six SATA ports to build you RAID use PORT# 2+3. Port #0+1 might not work if your are booting of the IDE
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