Problems with upgrade from Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter to an Intel Centrino Advanced N6230

I own an ASUSTeK Computer INC. EeePc Model 1015B with System Serial Number: B3OABC008407
I recently tried to upgrade the Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter with an Intel Centrino Advanced N6230
Wireless Card. The EeePC would not boot with the N6230 Wireless Card installed.

Possible causes include (1) bad N6230 card. (2) Perhaps the ASUS hardware engineers designed this model to only work with the AR9285. (3) Perhaps limitations to wireless devices are implemented in the Bios?

Does anyone know why it did not boot?
Does anyone know how to make it boot?
Any Help is greatly appreciated
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  1. The WiFi card has to be a brand that's approved. Contact ASUS for advice on which WiFi modules are approved.
  2. Been down that route already. ASUS support said they had no other modules approved. They also said they do not support allowing customers to repair or replace the wireless card
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