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Looking to build a new gaming pc at roughly $2000 AUD (prices are very similar in US at the moment). Currently have this set up, but would like input on any changes since i have very little idea of what im doing. Since i have no idea how to, i wasnt planning on overclocking (which is why i have the i7-4770 rather than the 4770K), though not opposed to the idea. Are the benefits of overclocking worth it for the price for gaming? If so what changes/additions would i need?

Also not sure if all the parts are compatible so if someone could check that too that would be great.

Edit. Well this is a bit awkward forgetting the most important part haha
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  1. You appear to have forgotten the system itself...
  2. U didnt post the pc itself. Anyhow, here are some suggestions :

    Mini ITX build :

    Micro ATX build :

    ATX build :
  3. Added the pc now.
  4. Unless you're planning on some heavy duty extra-long GPUs, or tons of Radiators and hard drives, you won't need a full tower case. Mid Tower will be just fine.
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