Loading images suddenly slowed down?

Since I upgraded my internet speed two months ago, loading images were almost instant. Gifs also loaded with little to no pauses at all. Suddenly, images started to load much slower, almost like my previous internet speed. My default browser is Google Chrome, but I got the same results on Firefox. Although high resolution images are expected to load slower, I could have sworn that they loaded much faster before. The same goes for the smaller ones.

I made sure that there are no downloads and other bandwidth usage. I'm the only person connected to my internet as well.

My download speed is 1.4MB per second. Is something wrong with my computer, or was I just imagining things and my loading images weren't really that fast to begin with?
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  1. Try this go to Google Chrome settings, (upper right corner) History. click clear browsing data, delete the following:

    Browsing history

    Download history

    Cookies and other site and plug-in data

    Cached images and files

    Then Click, clear browsing data.
  2. If you're using a HDD for programs or OS, defrag the drive
  3. When I turned on my computer after an hour of being shut down, the loading was a bit faster. A few hours after, I did cabudinen's suggestion and cleared and it became noticeably faster. Somehow I started to think this is all in my head though.

    And yes, I'm currently using only one 1 TB hard drive for everything. Do hard drives really affect loading images on browsers? I actually only have 200 GB of available storage if that matters.
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