Is this normal? task manager only uses 4 cores

I bought an I7 4770 yesterday and it shows 8 cores on the task manager. however, it is using only 4 cores. Sorry, this is my first time to have a high end pc
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  1. It depends on application you use and if you need to use more. You got 4 cores + 4 thx to hyper threading. Unless you will need more it wont use it all.
    If you try to run some CPU heavy operation which can use multiple cores you will see that all 8 will get used. Example is some video conversion.

    EDIT: In short dont be alarmed. It's normal. But you can try to look into task manager when you get to some cpu heavy operations to see if you use more cores. My i7 2670QM (laptop) right now when I just use browser use only 4 threads too.
  2. its only using the physical cores that it has,

    because the cpu is still not under intensive load, to utilize hyper-threading.
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    I'm using i7 4770. Pl let's make one thing clear. This CPU does not have 8 cores. It has 4 physical cores with two threads on each core so giving the impression that it is 8 core processor which it is not.

    How many cores is being used is beyond user because it will solely be determined by the OS and its scheduling algos. Don't worry about it. Give here a call if the temps gone too high or system starts to crash or something like that.

    CPU is fine.
  4. Thanks for all your help! :D I've seen it uses 8 threads when I open heavy applications.
  5. Glad to know.
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