Is this rig OK for playing at ultra settings? (BF4 and Crysis 3 included)

Hey guys!!
I'm planning to go with this setup for my rig. Also, it should be playable in ultra settings.(1920x1080)
Processor: Intel i5 4670k LGA1150 4th generation
Graphic Card: AMD/ATI Radeon r9 290x tri-x oc 4gb DDR5
Motherboard :Gigabyte GA 787 D3HP
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600 DDR3 1x 8gb RAM
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5" SSD
Hard drive : Seagate ST1000DM03
Cabinet :Probably going for a cooler Master Mid Tower Case with enough space for the video card(which is 305mm I guess, but would be cheap)
Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
PSU: Corsair Vs650 650w psu

So is this rig good enough for playing at ultra settings?
Please advise. Thanks.
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  1. You forget power supply. 550-650W for single gpu setup. Good brands are Antec, Corsair(not CX or CS series, they uses cheap caps and is mediocre ), Seasonic or XFX.
  2. Hmm.... I'm not sure actually. Amd gpu uses a lot of power.... But I think y50w will be OK. And will it be playable (>45 fps)?
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    Corsair VS series is worser than CX or CS series, i would try to avoid it if necessary. only Corsair higher end power supply are good. Rest is average or rubbish for gaming pc builds.
    Crysis 3 will be harder to run at ultra maybe around the 20-30 fps range.
    For bf4 around the 60FPS
  4. Hmm then what psu do you suggest?
    What about Antec vp650p 650w psu??
  5. TheStupidityOfPpl said:
    Hmm then what psu do you suggest?
    What about Antec vp650p 650w psu??

    That power supply is fine.
  6. So the approximation is based on maximum AA?
    Anyway thanks a lot. Will get this rig then
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