No POST with AMD FX8320 in Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 after bios update.

Morning all, first time poster so please excuse me if I break some etiquette rules I'm unaware of.

I recently decided to do a bit of an upgrade on my system, taking a few bits from my old one.
I brought an FX8320 and Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 from Amazon, assembled the system with my current HDD, 4x2GB Team Elite RAM and an MSI n470 GTX. Booted up fine, all lovely jubbly.

After a few days I decided to upgrade the bios (I now realise what a pointless and horrible decision this was) from version 1903 to 2301 using the Asus Update software provided on the accompanying disc. This completed and I did the mandatory reboot. The system then became very unstable and wouldn't start properly. The main issues were:

No DVI signal
Not starting the keyboard
Blue screen in safe mode
Random reboots in the bios

Or any combination of the four. Eventually it stayed on long enough for me to access EZ Flash in the Bios because I figured I'd just buggered something up, and doing it again might fix it. After the second flashing the pc was essentially a doorstop, lights would come on, fans would start, but nothing else. So being the Brit I am, I phoned up Amazon for a complain. Stellar customer service as per and they sent out a new board for 1pm the next day (yesterday).

When the board arrived I installed everything back in and the same thing happened. So I started tinkering around swapping bits out, and the like until lo and behold the system boots. With an AMD Athlon X2 215. So I figured the old board had, in its dying breath, also fried the CPU. Once again I phoned Amazon for another complain and long story short now have a second FX8320. Which still doesn't work. After an small investigation I discovered that this new board has bios version 2202.

My basic question boils down to this:

Is it more likely that bios versions beyond 1903 do not support the FX8320 or that my old processor was killed by the old motherboard and the new chip was DoA.

Thank you all in advance,
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    "Is it more likely that bios versions beyond 1903 do not support the FX8320 or that my old processor was killed by the old motherboard and the new chip was DoA."

    The FX8320 was supported on the M5A97 LE R2.0 from BIOS version 1006, and all three BIOS versions you mentioned are much later than that, so incompatibility is not an issue, as new BIOS versions always include the same CPU support from all previous versions. The board manufacturer doesn't "drop" support for previously supported processors on it's varios motherboard. models.

    Also, even where an installed CPU is not supported by the BIOS, no CPU damage would occur.

    Now, that obviously still leaves you wondering why your system won't run properly with the FX8320.
    Apart from the possibility that both of them were/are faulty, I'm stumped.

    Now that you know compatibility should not be the cause of the problem, I suggest you start a new thread specifically relating to your board and FX8320.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Phillip.
    I did think it was quite unlikely that Asus would discontinue support for a processor.
    I'll wait until Monday and give Asus a call too see what they say, if nothing else comes up on the forum, as it does seem quite far fetched that I'd get two faulty CPU's.
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