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Hello everyone, I have been having some CPU temperature issues that can get pretty extreme at times. I am using an i7 4930K with a Corsair H60 for the cooling. The processor is not overclocked at all. Basically the temperatures are anywhere between 60-75 when idle and if I do anything such as start a game or even sometimes when I open Chrome, they will shoot up to 85+. Games will take it over 90 C.

I have taken everything apart and dusted it all, including the radiator. I used 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the CPU case and the heatsink before reapplying the thermal paste. I reapplied thermal paste probably 3 times now. I used the spread technique as well as the dot technique when applying it. The pump has been plugged into every different header on the motherboard that I could find. Temps are still out of control.

All of the fans are working, the tubes are firm when the pump is on, one tube is warm and the other is cold. The radiator is never warm to touch however the unit right above the CPU is very warm. I have an Asus Rampage IV Black Motherboard so I have been using the AI Suite. It shows the pump (which is currently in Chassis Fan 1 Header) at 4800 RPM.

Even every core is between 1-5% load, I am seeing temps in the high 60 into the 70 C range.

Really not sure what to do from here. Any ideas on what could be going wrong before I get into buying new parts?
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    You have done everything right. I would say that the h60 is not doing its job. Either the pump isnt getting good flow or something similar. If I remember the 4930k doesn't come with a stock cooler. So what I would do is buy a low end air cooler. If that does a better or similar job to the h60 you know that's the problem.

    All the read out shows from AI Suite is the fan speeds attached to the radiator. If the water pump isn't working properly then the heat will never reach the radiator and therefore the CPU will heat up.
  2. It could be the pump itself. The motor is still working, but the fins that move the water may have broken off the motor, which is why the H60 thinks it's working fine. Pick up a cheap air cooler and see if that lowers the temps.
  3. I was looking for an upgrade for the H60 anyway, so I ended up going to the store and picking up an H100i. Temps seem to hover around 23-38 C at idle, every now and then one of them will shoot up to 45ish and come back down, but I am much happier now. I will keep an eye on everything but the H60 appears to have been the problem.
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