Connecting 3 screen ( 2 monitors + 1 TV) is this possible?

I will be making my first computer soon and before I set everything in stone I wanted to know if it is possible to do what I attend to do. I want to connect 2 monitors and 1 TV to my computer at the same time. The plan is to connect the monitors into the graphics card using DVI and the TV into the Graphics card as well using a HDMI cable. But I am not sure is this is possible or if the signals will somehow mess with each other.

Motherboard: Intel Desktop DH87MC with 8GB of RAM
Processor: i7-4770
Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 760 4GB
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    Yes it will work the way you are planning to do.

    I have a three monitors setup - 2 DVI and 1 Display Port - in your case the Display Port will be the TV.
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