Should i go with ram with high mhz or ram with low latency for my video editing machine..?

Hi guys,
I m a professional video editor. I need to upgrade my ram because the old one suddenly stopped working. I am a bit confused about the "CAS latency" thing. I know that ram with low latency are better but it also decreases the mhz of ram. So my question is that which one should i go with, Ram with low latency or ram with high mhz? Which one will benefit me more for video editing (for gaming too)? I am using a Asus M5A99 PRO R2.0 with fx-8350 and a 2-way crossfired r9 270x. And again plz dont recommend anything other than corsair ram... Thanx...
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  1. This might help, there's not a lot in it.
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