ASRock X79 Extreme9 with the Fractal Design Define R4 case

My first build
Can some one tell me where all those small cables (from the case) get connect to the motherboard,
The manual picture doesn't make sense to me. I have tried looking to see if I can find somewhere where it tells me plug led to this on the power sw to this one, with no luck
Please help
Thank you
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    If i'm not mistaking the pins you are looking for are located at the bottom right of the board right next to the onboard power button. They should be labeled in a small chart something like PWR, + HDD LED - etc. Find the respective labels on the case front panel wires and just plug them in.

    To give you a vague idea how it looks, here's a very basic, but nice video by newegg.
    Paul first mentions it @ 14:23 then explains a little more @ 35:02.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
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