My sharp aquos picture has started cutting off the tops of people's heads and it has removed the scroll on the bottom of the s

Sharp Aquos not showing entire screen.
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  1. Gdmc said:
    Sharp Aquos not showing entire screen.

    Have you tried readjusting the picture size?
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    I have solved this on my old LC-37G4U Sharp Aquos TV.

    There should be buttons on your remote labeled "16:9" "4:3" or something similar. Try messing with them.

    Also try the "zoom" button, if there is one. "Zoom" trys to zoom in on the picture to make it fill up the screen, instead of letter-boxing the video.

    Another option is to press "menu" and look for an option that adjusts the aspect ratio. There is also an option to look at the "zoom," which is also under the menus somewhere.
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