Some of my electronics got wet

i opened my window bcuz it was a nice day and all of a sudden it starts down pouring when im in the other room so i go in my room and some of my stuff is wet like the router my xbox one and my monitor buttons the rest is on my desk and the ground. Im afraid to turn this stuff on in fear of its broken.

Now they didn't get that wet only droplets but a decent amount. Now how long should i wait to turn them on. and if they do turn on im wondering is there a possibility they aren't running at full potential like are only a few pieces damaged or is this one of the things where if one is broken the whole machine is down.

i ran this by my dad and he said don't worry about it for like condensation in the air these parts are coated with stuff to prevent damage from little amounts of water is this true. and he also said to turn it on heat it up and evaporate the water. this scared me a little. any thoughts

i turned the router on and its working does this mean its fine or is there a possibility it will still get damaged
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  1. Without seeing how wet it got, anything we out here say is pure speculation.

    A day or two, maybe.
  2. yeah your dad knows a lot. but just to be safe, let it dry off for atleast 24 hours and dont use something like a hair dryer.

    place everything in a cool dry place and dont let it get exposed to the sun.

    after that it should be safe to power back on.
  3. uhh, by any chance do you live in maryland
  4. no not in maryland... now right now like i said i turned the router on and its fine is there possible late damage or no

    and i have a few fans in my room to circulate air (cool air ) is this fine

    and if it did get damaged is a console one of those things where it would work at partial potential if only a few pieces busted or would it just not turn on if it got wet

    and ill try to find a picture online that looks similar to my situation
  5. now i know these are plants but the amount of water is about right and if you find a picture of a xbox one the water hit the vent side where the slits are

    mind you these plants are very zoomed in so imagine the amount of water to the actual size of the plant and how little it would be

    in essence the electronics got sprinkled with water and it hit the case so i only expect a little amount to actually have gotten in
  6. Were they on at the time?
    Doesn't seem to be a lot of water, but I'd still let it dry for a day or so. Power off.
  7. no they weren't on just the router was and i turned that off immediately and like i said powered it on and working fine now.

    now my biggest worry is that they won't be working at full potential is that a possibility or if a computer part gets wet the whole machine is fried
  8. and if they don't work should i try to call xbox and say something happened and they won't turn on not telling them they got wet and try to get a new one for warranty and stuff
  9. Anything is possible.
  10. for your xbox, get a hard plastic container with a lid that will fit the xbox with few extra room to spare,

    now get something like a small rectangular dish/tray/or something that can hold a decent amount of baking soda.

    place the baking soda BESIDES/NEXT TO the xbox inside the plastic container, then put the lid on.

    you can ask your dad for help on this one.

    after that, let it sit there for a day.
  11. damn mother nature well ill be back in probably two days to let you guys know how it went thanks for your help and having the cool air of a few fans is beneficial right
  12. i just watched a video on taking apart the console and this is what i found

    now the left side of this image more of the lower left side is what possibly got wet near the fan

    this is the video if you want to see whats under the fan to see what may have gotten touched
  13. it looks like it only got on the cpu's heat sink if it even got past the cage and the fan and the grill on the case so im being pretty assured that its fine
  14. im wondering if the thing wasn't powered on and got wet and i let it dry can it still be damaged.

    also the router got wet while it was on if it didn't turn off and do anything out of the ordinary does that mean no damage occured
  15. Best answer
    yeah probably, on both your questions.

    let it just dry on its own then check if it still works.
  16. ok well two days later i turned everything on and it all seems fine. i hope nothing happened but just wondering if something did happen what would be a tell tale like would there be a performance decrease or how long until water corrosion happens.
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