Computer suddenly won't register External Hdd

I have an HP laptop running Windows 7 and a SeaGate Go Flex Desk 2 TB External Hdd.

Up until last week, it ran no problem; suddenly, my laptop just wouldn't recognize the HDD. I've tried it on other computers and all of the USB ports (on all the computers), and it just won't show up. When you plug it in, the drive starts to spin and seems like it will work, but no dice.

I replaced the Desk Adapter (thinking that maybe it wouldn't work because the adapter had gone out--so new adapter, new power cords and USB cord)--when I plugged in the new adapter, it tried to reinstall the software, but still wouldn't work. I went into Disk Manager (thinking that it might have reassigned the drive name), but it tells me I need to initialize the disk before it will allow me to access it, but if i do that, I'll lose my data, right?

I also went in and tried to update the driver under the USB controller, but now it says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". There is also a little yellow exclamation point next to the USB symbol on the list.

I have no idea what to do now. I don't know what to do or how to do it, but I know I desperately need to get the data that's on this drive. I moved tons of stuff over to it when I first got it, and if it fails, it'll take a huge amount of irreplaceable data with it. Please help?
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  1. plaintuts said:

    I tried them first :( Most of their suggestions have to do with connecting and reconnecting the cords, then using their software to test if the drive is working properly, but my computer won't even recognize the drive so I can't use do anything they suggest.

    I may not have been clear, but other than Disk Manager asking me to initialize the drive, my computer doesn't recognize the drive at all :(
  2. did you perhaps use that drive on a gaming console?
  3. plaintuts said:
    did you perhaps use that drive on a gaming console?

    Nope, just on the PC that it's always been used on.

    But when you plug it in now, under devices and printers, it registers it as "backup + Desk Mac"...which is weird since I have a PC (or does that have anything to do with it)?
  4. Do you have ubuntu, the files may be corrupted thats why windows cant recognize them, but if you try a different OS, you might be able to salvage some.

    Or try third party recovery applications, that have mixed results.
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