Red Screen of Death

I was playing BF3 and all of a sudden, I got a RSoD with no error codes of any kind and ended up restarting my PC. My bios is updated and so is my Catalyst driver.
My specs are Fx-8320, M5a97 R2.0 MOBO, MSI R9-270x, 2x4gb RipjawsX 1600, OS installed on 120gb Kingston SSD
Link to dmp file
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  1. the screen go red because you have an amd card ? try to clean your memo and set by hand the config of ram. try find your SPD and the config and set manually
  2. you can check for your temps using third party software like speedfan... post back results of idle and under load temps.
  3. playing bf3 max temp reached 65c
    edit: i mean 60c not 65c max. and i used msi afterburner
  4. That looks pretty normal

    Your psu?
  5. plaintuts said:
    That looks pretty normal

    Your psu?

    Seasonic s12 620w bronze
  6. Can you replicate the cause of the RSOD?

    Also check if it will occur to different games.
  7. im not sure if i want to replicate it...
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    if its not happening again, then that's probably amd drivers unable to properly decompress and process data,

    it may be isolatated in your case due to various reasons, ambient temps, power surge, or just plain too bloody for your gpu.

    theres no need for concern if the problem doesn't repeat itself over and over.
  9. if it happens again, ill create a new thread. thank you
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