Should I buy a 2gb or 4gb graphics card for animating/video editing/rendering?

Hi there, I'm looking at buying a new rig for a friend who is an animator and video editor and I was wondering whether I should buy a graphics card with 2gb or 4gb vram thinking about getting the r9 270x with a 1920x1080 screen.
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  1. For 1080p display 2gb vram is good.
  2. If you have multiple monitors go for 4Gb, if you have only one 1080p monitor 2Gb is enough.
  3. Thanks for the answers but i don't want to know what will work for my screen (i know 2gb is enough) i would like to know will there be any performance boosts while rendering if i buy a 4gb card over a 2 gb card (sorry if thats what you guys are already saying and sorry for not being specific enough in the answer if you're not).
  4. My friend is wanting to play games and render (he uses blender if theres any benefit in me saying).
  5. 2GB vram is enough, 4GB is almost pointless, though it can use up to 3.8GB of it's total memory, by the time it gets to that the core is already struggling. The 2GB and 4GB will perform almost identical, except at higher resolutions, which 1080p is not really high.
  6. So just to clarify if I'm rendering a 4k video then the 4gb card will give no benefit?
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    generally no, as the core will struggle if intense enough, the 4GB cards don't offer much better performance.
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