gpu power efficiency?

what is the gpu power efficiency? if i should try guessing i say 30%. what people think is maybe 80%
my estimate come from my geforce 780(250w tdp) that heats up my room like a 200w oven. that is with my cpu running at 30w load and not contributing much to heat output.

my psu is platinum grade and work at about 91% efficiency while gaming. why is gpu so lousy at efficiency......

im running my gpu at 61% power target btw.
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  1. What?
  2. example: if my gpu was 90% efficient 20watt of heat will be produced.
  3. A PSU is entirely different to a GPU, you can't even compare it...
  4. a gpu uses watts to power its work, some watts gets wasted, how much is a matter of efficiency. like a stereo amplifier.
    or are you saying that every single watt is transferred as heat no matter what... ofc as technology moves on the use less watt and get more work done, see the correlation?
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