Are These Computer Specs Good Enough For Serious Gaming?

Mobo - Asrock z87m Extreme

Graphics Card - Gigabyte GTX 750

PSU - Corsair 700 Watt

Ram - 16gb DDR3

CPU - Intel Core i7 3770

Are these specs good enough for serious gaming?
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  1. Your gpu is not good enough for serious gaming in 1080p @60Hz at highest settings, you need at least gtx 760
    everything else seems good
    but some games run pretty good
  2. Your motherboard (LGA1150) and CPU (LGA1155) are not compatible. As stated above, you'll need a stronger GPU for serious gaming. You don't need more than 8GB of RAM for gaming. What exact PSU will you be using? Some Corsair PSUs are good, some are not.
  3. PSU is too big, unless you have a future plan, save money on that and update to the 3770k or switch to haswell.
  4. Yup as said above your motherboard(LGA 1150) and your processor (LGA 1155) aren't compatible..
    So you might consider changing either of the two.Preferable change the motherboard as the ivy bridge one is pretty powerfull.

    As far as GPU is concerned you can consider the R9 270X which will offer higher performance @1080p or the GTX 760.

    PSU is totally regarding your future plans..So choose one that suits your need without burning your pocket.

    Hope that helps....
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    For gaming the 3770 is good can save by going 3570K and gain OCing ability cheaper, look at the ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 mobo (best available and about $120), can drop DRAM to 2x4GB (8GB total) and save there,, drop PSU to a good 500 Watt, and the savings from the above shoud allow for a Hyper 212 EVO cooler (about $30) and to up the GPU to a 760 (look at the Asus CU model)
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