My Home build PC keeps freezing

I have a home built Gaming PC. I got it in January but it keeps freezing while I am gaming.

It only freezes when I am gaming and not when I am generally using the PC for business.

At first it was freezing every couple of hours. I read someone with a similar problem who sent back their CPU and got a replacement. Being very frustrated with the build I did the same. Then it was still freezing but not as often.

I then noticed I didnot have the up to date CPU drivers so I installed them. It still freezes, not as much but it is so annoying when all your game data is lost!

I am not sure but I am using a Beta BIOS as there isnt a full version available for this MB.

It seems to happen more when the room is very warm. I have used the HWMonitor and all seems normal.

At first I thought it a was a cooling issue so I place quite a few fans in it which now the heat coming out of the case is quite warm. No need for radiators in this room!

Here are my specs:

MB - Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 Rev 3.0
RAM - Kingston HyperX 8GB (2 X 4GB)
GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX 770

I have tried a different pair of Ram, Hard Drive and a different GPU. Also changed the PSU.

I am really struggling and dont know where to turn.

I have tried so many programmes inc. memtest with no errors.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can help me resolve my issue.
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  1. The 990FX is a chipset, not a CPU. What's the CPU?

    What model/brand is the PSU?

    Does it just go black and switch off, does it bluescreen, or does it just freeze with whatever was last on the screen there?
  2. sounds like the only think you haven't tried is the mobo. if you can Id rma it. does it freeze or shut off?
  3. Im not a huge Hi-tech guy. Im just learning and its my first build. I have help from my neighbour. The CPU is an AMD FX-9590 8 core.

    The PSU is a Corsair CX750-M.

    When i freezes it just holds whatever is on the screen.
  4. sorry to sound stupid but what do you mean by RMA?
  5. RMA=Return Merchandise Authorisation (or something similar). Send it back saying it's not working.
  6. Just had a read and it can take 2 weeks. I use this for business as well as gaming so I want that to be my last resort. Hopefully someone will know if anything else could be wrong, if not I will have to do that.
  7. What CPU cooler are you using? Which way is it facing (and which way are the other fans facing)?
  8. I believe its called a Hyper 212 EVO with a fan attached blowing through the heat sync out the back of the pc with another fan on the case blowing out also. I have a BitFenix Collosus case. I can take a pic of the inside with the fans if you want? Can i upload pictures on here?
  9. You need to use a site like imgur; we don't host them, though you can hotlink. It's easier to describe it though; it's hard to tell what way a fan is blowing.

    Front should be intake; rear exhaust.
  10. I think this would be easiler to see my air flow.
  11. also have 3 fans on my graphics card, the bottom left arrow is my psu and at the ends of the top 2 left arrows is where my cpu is and it has a fan on the heat sync
  12. That should be fine.
  13. is it most likely to be the motherboard?
  14. Best answer
    thefunkydm said:
    is it most likely to be the motherboard?

    If it just freezes its not the psu, and if you changed the ram its obviously not that. If you haven't done it run cpu-z and be sure your cpu isn't getting to hot. If that's good the only thing i can think of is the MOBO is just defective.
  15. what am i looking for with CPU-Z? also my cores get unparked as and when they are needed instead of having the data spread over all 8 all the time. is that right?
  16. HWMonitor, not CPU-Z. Made by the same company.
  17. Someone Somewhere said:
    HWMonitor, not CPU-Z. Made by the same company.

    AHH yes, thank you
  18. I tried this and still use it but there doesnt seem to be any over heating. At first my GPU wasw getting very hot so I tuned their fans as the company who made the GPU only let them get to 33%. now it doesnt get too hot.
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