Hard drive in RAW format when plugged to SATA mobo but NTFS when plugged to USB mobo


I have a 2Tb WD red hard drive which contains all my movies. It was formatted as NTFS on windows 7 and has been filled using a sata to usb 2.0 adapter while I was waiting to build my htpc.
Now the htpc is built and running windows 7 on separate hd but when I connect my hd to it using the hot swap bay (sata), it tells me I need to format it.
When I check on disk management I can see the hard drive but it has a 250Gb Raw partition and a 1.6Tb unallocated partition.
When I connect the hard drive to one of the usb 2.0 port using the adapter, the htpc recognise the hard drive fine and I can see the 2Tb NTFS partition in disk management?! This means the hard drive is fine and not damaged?

Is there any way to fix this issue and get Windows 7 to recognise the hard drive correctly when connected to the sata ports of the mobo?
I really don't want to format the hard drive since it has 1.6Tb worth of movies!!

I hope I am clear enough if not ask me.
Thanks in advance.
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    that means the "sata to usb 2.0 adapter" probably have a built in encryption that's why when you plug it in the sata directly it is not recognized. just plug it in the usb than copy all your movies after that plug the drive directly then format then recopy your movies there.
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