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I've pretty much finalized my build but I finally decided I would like to be able to see my parts ( have a windowed case). I chose the Corsair 400r Carbide prior to wanting a window and would like to know which cases are the most similar to this one that have windows.

I was told the 400r would be a great first build case and is good for the price and has great airflow. The case needs to accommodate all these parts:

Also I only want to buy the case from PCcasegear as I'm buying all my parts from there and postage is crazy expensive in Australia.

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  1. Get a NZXT H440. If you switch the motherboard to either a red ASRock or an MSI, and changed the RAM to some red coloured RAM, your build would look great in the Red/Black H440. But if you don't mind about the wrong colours in a coloured case, stick with your original plan
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