Looking to replace samsung HD501LJ sata (Possible sata2) hard drive with a sata 3 hard drive for my media server

Hello All,
I am looking to replace a samasung HD501LJ 500GB sata (possible sata2) hard drive with a sata 3 Hard drive for my media server. The hard drive I am looking at is seagate 500 GB sata 3 on My motherboard is Asrock N68C-S UCC. I did a diagnostic test on the samsung hard drive and It found quite a few of bad sectors. Two weeks ago on wednesday I was backing up files on my stick to my server. It was going to take 3 hours so I went out left it to copy but When I came back an hour later the server had reboot itself but it went to windows is loading files went through to to repair windows 7 installation but it came with you computer was unable to start. My friend gave me his copy windows xp pro 32bit and it installed without with any problems after trying to reinstall windows 7 pro 32bit. May 9th windows xp pro booted up normallt. So my question is can I use a sata 3 hard drive on a sata 2 motherboard
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    Yes, as the hard drives are backward compatible. HDDs don't utilise the bandwidth provided by even Sata 1, so it will not slow down your system either, might even speed it up.
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