I have a Foxconn M61PMV motherboard in my HTPC. it two hard drives. i don't want loose the movies I have on these drives. Whic

Motherboard exchange. I would like to replace my Foxconn M61PMV motherboard in my HTPC. its working fine,but its memory is ddr2, and I would like a DDR3 motherboard. Which micro motherboard could I replace it with? My Foxconn MB has two HD with movies on them I wouldn't want loose them.
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  1. First off, why? Switching a motherboard just for DDR3 support generally implies getting a new processor, possibly a new operating system license/key, and, of course, the RAM. Simply not worth the trouble just so you can say you have DDR3 RAM. So again, Why?

    As to your question, only if the movies are on the same hard drive as your operating system would you need to worry about losing them. Installing a new motherboard generally requires formatting the hard drive for re-installation of the OS.

    -Wolf sends
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