help build new gaming pc

hello all....
please help my build system, before sorry my bad english...
here is my build planning :

-xeon 1230v3
-asrock H87 fatal1ty
-patriot 2x4 8gb 1866mhz
-gtx 770 bit jetstream 2gb
-adata sp900 64gb ssd
-seagate 2tb 7200rpm
-logitech z506
-nzxt phantom 410
-4x 120mm led fan
-2x aoc i2367fh

im build pc for :
-gaming 40%
-watching youtube & HD movies 40%
-download & multi tab browsing 20%

here is the question :
-does overclock i5 4670k better my build ???

-what cooler are good for 1230v3 ??

-what psu are good for my build ??
-seasonic g650w gold
-corsair csm 650w gold
-roswill hive 650w bronze (how come bronze got tier 1 rating ?? )

-if im using a dual monitor 8gb of ram enough or 16gb better ??
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  1. -adata sp900 64gb ssd
    i would for any reputable and cheap 120GB ssd. 64 is too small

    for PSU, i vote -seasonic g650w gold

    i am using 3 monitor, and 8GB is more than enough :)
  2. ok then i might go with adata sp900 128gb & 8gb of ram....
    so seasonic g650w enough for my build ?? and does overclock i5 better then 1230v3 for next gen & home build ??
  3. Best answer
    personally, i would go for 1230v3

    yes i5 4670K OC is better, but not by a large margin
    and it needs expensive MOBO, high quality ram, and tweaking around
    .. while xeon doesnt
    edit : there is no way 4 cores haswell bottleneck even GTX 780 ti
  4. will xeon 1230v3 bottleneck r9 290 (non x) ??
  5. okay thx mr.AMD Radeon....then finale question what cooler should i got for xeon 1230v3 ??
  6. go for widely used cooler master 212 evo

    i believe xeon doesnt include stock cooler in the box
  7. thx a lot mr.amd are very nice man
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