Best intel core 2 quad q6600 components?

Hi this is my first thread :P,
So i got an awesome gaming rig since my last pc shut down, the os and harddrive were broken, but I saved my cpu. Now im planning to use my old cpu in a new build for a friend. I'm struggeling a bit at picking a new gpu and a new mobo (i want to be able to do a decent overclock).
Can you help me with picking the best gpu without too much bottlenecking on 1080p?

Also the 775 mobo's are becomming very rare in my country (the Netherlands) and i'm not a big fan of buying one second hand. I've done some research and came up with these:

The last two boards support up to 2x DDR3 1333*OC, what does the OC part mean? Does ddr2 memory and ddr3 memory really make a difference for these old components and gaming? And what 775 chipsets are recommended for overclocking?

I hope someone can help me, thanks for reading this anyway.
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  1. Any other suggestions on motherboards are also welcome!!
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  3. thierryvv96 said:
    Any other suggestions on motherboards are also welcome!!

    I would advise against buying a brand new motherboard for that CPU, particularly if you also need to buy memory. While DDR2 and DDR3 memory perform almost the same, DDR3 memory is much less expensive. Do you already own DDR2 memory?

    None of the new motherboards that you suggested can overclock a Q6600 like a quality P45 motherboard could. Are you limited to micro-ATX motherboards by the case? If an ATX motherboard fits the case, then I suggest you look for a used P45 motherboard from Asus or Gigabyte. If I were you I'd sell the Q6600 (they aren't worth much) and get a new CPU, motherboard, etc.

    Edit: An inexpensive Pentium G3220 is faster than a Q6600.
  4. thanks for both of your responses, i did some more research and know a bit more about the chipsets now and that i wont be getting any 'g' chipset board. I've been looking at vic40 used boards and might just consider them.
    GhislainG, no I'm not limited to micro-atx at all, those were just some of the few available boards new in stores. I still have 4 gigs of what i think is ddr2 memory, cant check because i cant start the old pc, but those are sticks of 1 gig each, and since some of the boards that i had seen only had two (ddr2) lanes i didn't mention them. Since you are saying that ddr2 and ddr3 are almost the same will 4 Gb be enough for some modern games? I have played tons of games on my old q6600 and think (since the people on the internet say it either rocks or sucks) it will be fine for a lot of older games and few more recent ones, the overclock will be purely for the gpu. I'll have a look at those p45 boards, any other chipsets that both of you recommend?
  5. The P45 chipset usually allows for overclocking, but if you won't overclock the CPU, then a Gxx chipset is fine. You can easily identify DDR2 modules by checking the part number or where the notch is: Most new socket 775 motherboards only have 2 memory sockets; if your kit consists of 4 DDR2 modules, then you'll have to buy new moduiles and that doesn't make much sense to me. Don't forget that the MSI G41M-P33 Combo can use 2 x DDR2 or 2 x DDR3 modules for up to 8GB, but you can't install DDR2 and DDR3 modules.

    I'd sell the CPU and DDR2 memory and get a current generation CPU and DDR3 memory. Buying a new motherboard for an old Q6600 is hard to justify. I still use one on a P45 motherboard, but if the motherboard fails, I'll upgrade everything unless I can find another P45 high quality motherboard that allows me to keep on using the 16GB of DDR2 memory.
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