Why would my Toshiba laptop turn off right after I turn it on

I have a new Toshiba Satellite C55-A5330 laptop. It happens almost every time now when I turn on the computer it starts to boot, gets the splash screen then shuts itself off. I simply have to press the power button again and it boots normally. I have contacted Toshiba Service and done everything they recommended including removing the battery and doing a power discharge. They finally said I should consider sending or taking to repair depot, which I am reluctant to do. Has anyone else out there experienced this or similar problem? I am running Windows 8.1 at the latest level. I ran "SFC /scannow" and it runs clean. I have checked for Viruses and find nothing. I ran the MS Memory Test and it ran clean. I just ran CHKDSK, again with no errors. I have 5 external USB hard drives, two printers, USB mouse and keyboard and one USB Flash Drive plugged in. I run powered in 100% with battery out, cover closed on external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Basically I use it as a desktop
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  1. I am going to partially answer my own question. I appears that it is some combination of the way I use this laptop and Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. I basically use it as a "Desktop" keeping it plugged in with external monitor, keyboard and mouse. This morning I tried powering on but not closing the lid right away. It worked just fine, after the system was running I closed the lid and it was fine. I had seen something similar in my old Dell E1705 Dual Core laptop after I loaded Windows 8.1. It would only partially boot. I had to shut it down with power button then power it back up, it always worked the 2nd time. I started blaming the hardware. I now think that it is a combination of closing the lid and Windows 8 hybrid shutdown. At least I have a work-around I can live with until an answer is found
  2. Hi, did you change in the Power Options, Advanced settings, Power buttons and lid, Lid close action : Do nothing.
  3. I did absolutely nothing except leave the lid open during boot. Once the system was up I could close the lid
  4. What I did for my laptop (broken screen) always using an external monitor, is to change the action of closing the lid, to do nothing. When I push the power button I close the lid immediately.
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