Need help reviewing build

As the title says, I need help reviewing this build:

If you can, help me create a better one but around the same price point. I have a case under custom parts

Thank you in advance.
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  1. $80 for a 400W PSU is overkill, you can either get more power for same price or similar power for much less.

    As for a GPU look at a 750ti or 260x.

    Only get the h87 board if you plan on adding a small capacity SSD, otherwise get a b85 board.
  2. the 473 price tag is wrong as it doesnt include the price of the gpu.
  3. What about this? I changed the PSU to a Corsair CX430:

    Thanks for answering!:)
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    that will fit your needs just fine.
  5. thanks
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