How to tell if Video Card is compatible with my computer?

OK so I am getting a GPU that uses PCIe x16 slot, and Yes, I do have that. I also have a 750W power supply for that. So in terms of physical compatibility, that's all good, but I am kind of worrying about something. It's that new UEFI thing that Microsoft replaced with the BIOS. From what I've heard, not all video cards that were released before Windows 8 support the new UEFI, and people said that their system won't boot up, due to being UEFI. Do I need to worry about this? My motherboard is UEFI and windows 8 has is installed using UEFI, What do I need to do? Anything else that I need to worry about when purchasing a video card?
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    If your mobo is UEFI, your OS is UEFI, then it should be great. No problems at all.
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