Does this motherboard and CPU supports this RAM?

Motherboard: Asrock H61M-VS -

CPU: i5 3470 -


So CPU supports 1600Mhz, DDR3, Non-ECC RAM. So as motherboard. What confuses me is the "SDRAM". I did a system scan with Crucial tool and it says that my motherboard supports DRAM. But specific sticks in a link above is SDRAM (at least that is what it says at title). I tried to find information about this on Asrock website about my motherboard but I can't find anything at all about DRAMs and SDRAMS and what are the differences. Maybe it supports both? I have no clue! Help me please.
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  1. your hardware should work flawlessly as they are all compatible.
    Synchronous dynamic random-access memory is what we all have no matter what generation we are on! (ddr/ddr2/ddr3 and soon ddr4!) you are using DoubleDataRate3 - SDRAM. only xeon server cpu have ECC
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    its good as long as its 240 pin [golden fingers] so it looks good to me , but with any part it may still have a compatibly issue no mater what brand... just stick it in and keep them fingers crossed.. its not on the boards list but that don't mean its not good.... this is on there list for that board

    all I can see is the heat shield is different between the 2
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