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I want to update the BIOS of my old PI945GCM motherboard. I am not getting which company the motherboard belongs to. It says mercury on the motherboard itself -

But it says ECS in the CPU-Z program...

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    It is critical to the system to get the correct bios update or the motherboard can be killed (bricked)
    Ecs is a well known supplier of low end motherboards
    I expect mercury is a model not a brand

    One thing to look out for is finding the exact model number which is usually marked somewhere on a label on board .

    Which may not be visible until board removed from case (far side of last PCI slot ?)

    If label says v1 or v2 or v3 or v3.3 then this is important information to get correct bios

    Why do you want to do an update?
    Reasons are upgrading from XP to higher version of windows
    Or it fixes a problem you have run into and bios update notes cover fault
    Or you want to fit a latter CPU or ram dimm not available when motherboard first produced

    You do not have enough info to find correct bios until you have found exact motherboard model

    Mike Barnes
  2. Thanks For the quick reply Mike. I want to update bios because someone told me that bios update can make my mobo (with pci e 1.1) accomodate a latter version pci e card (v2.1)...I don't see anything that says v1 or something.
    By the way, Why does every first solution on my threads gets marked as best solution and the thread gets marked as solved?!
  3. Did you hit the green "Pick as the solution" button?
  4. No I didn't...I just pressed the notification in the right box
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