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Hey everyone, I'm typing this on my phone so I apologize in advance for any typos. On to my question. Okay, I am currently using an Optiplex 760 SFF running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. I use it for everything from basic office work to gaming to programming. I recently OC'd my old gpu (HD 6670) to give it some extra umph which has caused major heat issues. Last night I received an offer from a friend for a free Optiplex 755 FT. However it is running Win XP so I wanted to put Win 7 on it. I will be building a new rig later this summer which will put a dent in my budget. If I were to install Win 7 64-bit on my Optiplex 755, could I later install it on my new rig? Or would I have to buy a new copy?
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    That depends.
    Where did you obtain this Windows 7 x64? If it is from the same disk and key as your current 760 SFF, you cannot use that. 1 licenese, 1 PC.

    If it is a new Windows 7, you can if it is a Retail version, not an OEM version. Windows 7 OEM is licensed to the first motherboard you install it on.
  2. Microsoft tends to tie the licence for windows to the motherboard.
    You could call Microsoft directly and discuss the matter as they can authorise transfers across to the new machine.
    Hope this helps!
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